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Premade & Custom Items

A fanned out stack of raspberry colored paper

Want to buy paper by the sheet? 4x6 sheets start at $1.00, and 8x10 sheets start at $2.00! To see what's available, inquire through the contact & comission form!

Looking for scrap paper? It starts at $0.40 a sheet! This paper is anything that doesn't meet thickness, uniformity, or sizing standards, or is more experimental in nature.

A fanned out stack of raspberry colored paper

Looking for something a little more artsy? Custom quick tree doodles start at $10.00 for a sketch on 4x6 paper. Check out the gallery for examples, and the inventory page to see what's available.

Custom pieces can be made to order, and pricing will varry based on the size and complexity!

A fanned out stack of raspberry colored paper

Looking for a custom bound journal? Pricing starts at $15, and by default journals come with 10 inner pages, front and back cover, and have a thread and glue binding. Each page in the journal (not including covers) is $1.00 if uncolored, or $1.50 if colored, and you can have up to 40 pages! Complex color sets and cover artwork/designs may add additional cost!

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How it's Made

A sponge, handmade mould, and mesh used for creating sheets of paper from slurry

First and foremost, I create paper and art to relax and make others smile. If you want to give it a go yourself or just want to see what process I use, I've put together a brief guide of what I do with some pictures!

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